Ryan Kiser "Noah" - Ryan grew up in a southwest suburb of Minneapolis. While growing up Ryan quickly took to his local theater. Later, Ryan went to college and completed a degree in psychology from the University of Minnesota. After what he felt was an unfulfilling run at the corporate game, a friend encouraged him to re-explore his undeniable passion of acting. Ryan took a class at a well renowned theater and immediately dove back in as he experienced the love he had experienced growing up as a kid. Ryan took every chance he could to refine his craft through instruction and practice. It wasn't long before he had caught the attention of people in the independent film community. He quickly booked several principal roles. He has portrayed a very wide range of characters crediting his unique portrayals to, among other things, his background in psychology, his love of the human condition, and his dedication to his craft. Ryan gained critical acclaim for his portrayal of Charles Manson in the Short Film Lie (2009/I). He also had to flex his acting muscles portraying a socially inept, home-schooled nerd in Potpourri (2011). Other roles included a beer drinking troublemaker in Hunting Buddies (2009), an ego-maniac, womanizing lead singer in a web series called "One Night Stand" (2010) and a charming but dangerous sociopath in Restraining Hollywood's In Harm's Way (2011). Ryan currently resides in Los Angeles, California and continues to work in film and television. More info on Ryan can be found here: (www.imdb.com/name/nm3067547/)

Mike Borka "Hayden" - A long time collaborator with Restraining Hollywood, Mike was originally slated to play a much smaller part in the film. Thanks to a casting fiasco, one of the leads dropped out and Mike was quickly promoted. Having only 72 hours to memorize the script, Mike showed up the first day and nailed all of his dialogue, bringing the charming and sophisticated "Hayden" to life. Mike maintains his leading man status, playing "Ian" in next summer's "In Harm's Way," which he also helped to write and produce.

Shannon McDonough "Marnie" - Shannon brings a rich history of musical and acting talent to the proverbial table, making her the prime choice to play the singing, coffee-drinking, scarf-wearing tomboy, "Marnie" in Potpourri. Her other acting credits include "Unholy Reunion," "Thieves Like Us," and many entries in the Christopher Mihm universe. Her musical history include roles in "Barefoot in the Park," "The Mousetrap," "Murder on the Nile," and "Blithe Spirit." She also currently performs as a back-up singer and dancer for the band Ovation: A Salute to the Music of Prince (www.ovationmusicgroup.com).

Punnavith Koy "Perry" - Punnavith Koy is a Cambodian American who has worked in every facet of the industry. As a child, he was inspired by Haing S. Ngor’s Academy Award-winning performance in the film The Killing Fields as the first and only person of Asian descent to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Koy has been performing on stage for over ten years and has been modeling, and acting on-screen doing commercial work and print since 2005. He has modeled for Best Buy and Target, was a fitness model for a time, and acted in commercial ads and industrial videos shortly after. On the other side of the camera, Koy has produced a number of local music videos, most notably the “I’m the Sh*t” video for the winner of VH1’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Season One, Bebe Zahara Benet. He has also worked as an intern for the extras casting department for the Coen Brothers’ film, A Serious Man. (www.punnavithkoy.com).

Brent Stariha "Will" - Brent Stariha has been involved in the talent business for seven years and has enjoyed a wide variety of acting roles including a troubled young man in "Womb Music," a hard driving, drinker in "Ru-bi-kon," a goth AA member in “Trust Me,” and a psychologically tortured travel companion in "Hunting Buddies." Besides his film acting credits, Brent has also completed numerous print and commercial projects around the Twin Cities. Brent's martial arts background made him a front-runner to play "Will" in Potpourri." The fight scene was ironically cut. For more info, visit: http://www.billcooper.info/public_html/brentstariha/.

Jenelle Kidd "Emma" - Jenelle is an actress, spokesperson, television host, and model in Minneapolis, MN. Her experience includes live TV, commercials, films, print ads, and voice overs. She can currently be seen in local and national commercials, print ads, and even on a few billboards around the country. She is also currently a spokesperson for a national company, an electronics rep on a national home shopping network, and has had the recent pleasure of working as a dance choreographer and assistant director for a local film. Her other film credits include "The Musick," "The Informant," "Courtship, Sex, Commitment," and "In Harm's Way." Check out http://jenellekidd.com for more info.

Tony Czech "Narrator" - Shoreview native Tony Czech joins the team late in the game playing the audience's gateway into the madness, "The Narrator." Tony is, of course, no stranger to Diviney Pictures productions. Having played the movie obsessed hopeless romantic "Richard" in Paper-Mache, Tony went on to offer his every-man quality to numerous shorts and commercials for the same company. His non-Diviney Pictures acting credits include, "Summer School," "The Pajama Game," "Stealing Summer," and "Camp Kill." When not acting, Tony masquerade's as the front man for Indie rock group "Drowning in Pocket Lint." Check out more at http://www.myspace.com/brokenheartendlesspromise.

Matthew Feeney "Winkle" - Matthew is a casting director (credits include "The Convincer," "Nobody," "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and "The Last Airbender") and performer (www.matthewfeeney.com/), and has appeared as a stand-up comedian at Second City TV in Chicago, The New York Comedy Club and the Improv in Miami and is proud to have worked with Louie Anderson, Eric Idle (of Monty Python) and Williams & Ree (The Indian and the White Guy). As an actor, Matthew has appeared in over 400 movies, television shows and commercials, including leading roles in "Sister Mary" and "Phasma Ex Machina." Matthew has been an adjudicator and talent show judge for many years and always loves "discovering" new talent!

Gary Keast "Killgore" - Gary David Keast has been acting since he was a teenager, and has been working as a professional actor in the Twin Cities since 2000. Since then he has performed in several film projects and on stage. A multi-faceted artist, Gary David has experienced success in dramatic, comedic, and musical performances. Among Gary David's many film roles, his favorites include: Walter Killgore in Diviney Pictures' "Potpourri" (of course); Sheriff in Brewtown Productions' "Gehenna"; Davis (with James Williams) in tru ruts film "Cry About a Nickel"; PZ in Kenzie Productions "Horror House";featured actor in Sheryl Crow's concert video "Safe and Sound"; Uncle Jack in Mean Alien Productions "Wildfire"; and Leon Trotsky in Voices Media's "The System."

Jessica Cameron "Princess Areola" - Jessica Cameron was born and raised in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada and moved to Toronto to study fashion at Ryerson University. After finishing her degree she moved to Ohio to work as a fashion designer and in her spare time she decided to try an acting class. The acting bug bit, and Jessica has since made acting her full time career. In the two short years she has been acting, she has already been involved in cast in a number of roles for music videos, TV shows and feature films. Most recently she will be playing Princess Areola in the feature film Potpourri directed by Elliot Diviney. She just wrapped on the feature film
Resurrection, directed by Jeff Burr.

Douglas Sidney "Officer Patrick O'Donnell" - Douglas Sidney joins the cast playing the film's laid back, fun-loving deputy, Officer Patrick O'Donnell. Doug brings a wealth of acting experience to the table, relying on a rich history of varied roles. This Leo displays a great range, with a chameleon-like adaptiveness, fitting comfortably into any number of genres, characters, and emotional styles. Doug is no stranger to Diviney Pictures or Restraining Hollywood. His other work with both film houses includes "Paper-Maché," "Hunting Buddies," the "One Night Stand" series, and this summer's "In Harm's Way" as Tommie Domino. For more information: www.douglassidney.com.

Scarlet Salem "Courtney" - You don't make a horror movie in MN without casting scream queen Scarlet Salem (www.scarletsalem.com), and for this reason she was cast as "Courtney" in Potpourri. Scarlet began modeling in 2007 working steadily in print, fashion, and various websites. Her life long love of the horror genre led to her auditioning for an independent horror film called 'Pajama Party Massacre'. She got the role and loved the experience so much that she sought out other film work. To date she has worked on over two dozen projects with titles such as: "Terror Overload," "Killer Biker Chicks," "Resist Evil Trilogy," "Strip Club Slasher," and "Camp Kill." In 2010 Scarlet will be working on 'Hallow Point', her first large scale project. The film, being shot in New Orleans, stars a whole slew of genre legends.

Moe Wazwaz "General Roughshod" - At 6'4'', Moe Wazwaz stands as a force to be reckoned with. This very tall, yet very dedicated actor became associated with Diviney Pictures while casting for "Paper-Maché" was taking place in early 2008. When not spending long hours working at his family's smoke-shop in Maplewood, Moe feverishly pursues a career in acting. Moe's commitment to his trade is evident, as he is willing to transform his body and his mind to fit a role. These factors all helped him to land the role of "General Roughshod" in potpourri. Moe displayed remarkable patience while waiting around on long shooting days, anticipating his big moments. His other credits include Halcyon "Sunrise," "Lottery," and "In Harm's Way."

Brock Dombrovski "Sid" - Having played roles in both "Trust Me" and "People Talk," Brock is never very far away from Restraining Hollywood Productions, and seemed like an obvious choice for Potpourri. He was considered for a few different roles before being offered the character of "Sid." Brock is a tall, menacing dude - making it all the more funny to see him as a sniveling, whining, screaming, homophobe. Brock's on set antics are unrivaled. Any who have had the pleasure of working with him have probably been at one point or another introduced to Brock's alter-ego "Joey." Beware.

Kareem Wazwaz "Wes" - Kareem is among the many seasoned actors to have worked with both Diviney Pictures and Restraining Hollywood. His tough-guy look often leads to roles as thugs, bodyguards, gangsters and other unsavory characters. Beneath the hard edged exterior, however, Kareem is actually a sweetheart. His acting credits include "Trust Me," "Paper-Maché," "Holiday Beach," and "In Harm's Way." When not acting, Kareem spends all of his time working ungodly hours at the cigar shop he owns in Maplewood. In Potpourri, Kareem plays a slightly different character, bringing the homophobic, adolescent, ugly-sweater-wearing "Wes" to life.

Christopher Grap "Kent" - Christopher K. Grap - Chris Grap (CKG to his fans...) is not an actor. He has however had his face hooked and back slashed in Hellraiser: Inferno, shared a scene with Tommy Lee Jones and Virginia Madsen in A Prairie Home Companion and works frequently with Off Center Entertainment and Restraining Hollywood. "Potpourri" marks the first time his shared love of yapping gibberish with Ryan Schaddelee has been captured for film. Chris continues to lend his wealth of film production knowledge to feeble filmmaker Elliot Diviney. Chris's production credits include "Wedding Crashers," "The Rules of Attraction," and "Bad Santa."

Nathan Tymoshuk "Williams" - When it came time to find an actor to play the cocky, smug, DEA Agent Williams in Potpourri, the producers were at a loss. This character required the right combination of attitude, vulnerability, and an unjustified sense of authority to play against Juggernaut Zombie Hunter Killgore. Some actors were too goofy - some too serious. Enter Nathan Tymoshuk. A veteran of various MCTC student shorts, Nate brought Williams to life. He only appears in one scene but leaves quite an impression on the audience. Tymoshuk's other credits include "Night Surf," "In Harm's Way," and "Tales of the Bizarre."

Pete Duffy "Dr. Manliness" - Pete Duffy is from the Twin Cities area with experience in acting ranging from print ads and commercials, all the way to major motion pictures. He has been in the industry since the age of 14 and had the fortunate opportunity to work on “Miracle” with some highly accredited actors such as Kurt Russell, Patricia Clarkson, Noah Emmerich , Eddie Cahill, and many others. Coming from his home town of Prior Lake, Minnesota , Pete is looking to continue making a career in the acting arenas of film and T.V. on the national level. Fresh off his role as "Dom" in "Hunting Buddies," Pete was cast as the muscle-bound fortune teller in Potpourri.

Matt Tobin aka Captain Championship "Donnie" - Matt Tobin and director Elliot Diviney became best friends when they met at Peppermint Fence Preschool in Plymouth, MN, where they shared a mutual love of toy cars and finger-painting. From there the friendship blossomed, and they soon expanded their activities to include soccer championships, fish camps, baking muffins, and the frequent visit to the Tobin family cabin in Hayward, WI. Matt has always been involved with Diviney Pictures, frequently donning the infamous burgundy bath robe. When not getting killed by zombies, Matt works as a real-estate agent in Downtown Minneapolis, and spends his extra free time brewing beer in his basement and trying to beat Double Dragon on the original NES. He is yet unsuccessful.

Kyle Votroubek "Arnlie Hazelton" - Kyle and director Elliot Diviney became bosom buddies while living on the same floor their first year at University of Iowa. There they started many traditions including, "Naked Tuesdays," "The Milk Challenge," and "Heckling Frat People." An excess of free time and a lack of friends led Kyle and Elliot to create "Midwest Connection," an inconspicuous musical duo (www.myspace.com/midwestconnectionband). Kyle became an integral part of Elliot's film school career, lending his unrivaled on-screen silliness to many projects. Kyle still lives in Iowa City where he is attending grad-school for psychology. Kyle's musical background and willingness to embarrass himself made him an obvious choice to play 50's greaser "Arnie Hazelton" in Potpourri.

Landyn Banx "Preston Fenwick" - Landyn Banx is an actor, singer, and model who has appeared in over 100 MN acting projects, including feature, short, and student films, music videos, commercials, infomercials, and two webisode series, since 2007. He studies acting under Cynthia Uhrich of In The Moment Acting Studio. Aside from acting he enjoys classic and horror movies and loves to write songs. Landyn makes a small, yet significant cameo as "Preston Fenwick" near the end of Potpourri. For more information on Landyn Banx and his career check out his official website at www.landynbanx.com.

Charles Hubbell "Busamor (Voice)" - Inspired by his vaudevillian grandfather to entertain, Charles has worked in multifaceted ways to do just that. Acting for television, stage, film, and advertising, Charles has been a frontman singer for bands, continues to work as a puppeteer, directed for stage and taught classes from Auditioning, Voice-Over work and Shakespeare. Charles has gone on to have marvelous adventures both on and off the camera. His acting credits include "The Midnight Chronicles," "The Glass House," and "The Shamus." Charles puppet and voice work on both "Transylvania TV," and "Best Buy Yellow Tag" made him an obvious choice to bring "Busamor" to life in Potpourri. For more information, check out www.charles-hubbell.com.

Also Starring:

Kimberly Ross "Dispatcher"

Rob Ross "Harold"

Jennifer Prettyman "Reporter"

Callan Korpi "Alysen"

Jessica Van Vliet "Joy"

Adam Diviney "Ronald"

Peter Park "Peter"

Jimmy Cenci "Kyle"