Elliot Diviney "Writer / Director" - Elliot grew up in Plymouth, MN, and quickly developed an obsession with movies when his father brought home such children-friendly VHS titles as "Predator," "Highlander," and "The Terminator." Elliot quickly began making short films when the first video camera entered the Diviney household in 1989. He was active in the High school TV production unit and subsequently attended film school at University of Iowa. Also a wannabe musician and artist, Elliot wears many hats throughout the course of a film. His directing credits include "The Pong Wars Trilogy," "Periaqueductal Grey," "UnConscionable," and "Paper-Maché." After Potpourri, Elliot plans to surrender to the overbearing pressures of filmmaking and move to Africa to hang with Dave Chapelle.

Brandon Van Vliet "Producer" - Brandon Van Vliet emerged onto the Minneapolis Film Scene in 2004 after he co-founded his Production Company Restraining Hollywood. Since then, he has released numerous independent films including Up North, People Talk, Trust Me & Hunting Buddies. He is currently working on new Feature Films Potpourri & In Harm's Way plus a web series called "One Night Stand" - Brandon's goal as a Filmmaker is to keep things as bizarre, Progressive & interesting as possible by combining many different genres into each film, making it hard for the typical viewer to categorize. Brandon stays busy working on multiple projects as an Actor, Producer & Writer residing in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife, Jessica Van Vliet whom is a Model/Actress & a Paralegal for a law firm in Minneapolis. Brandon not only Produced "Potpourri" but Acted as the infamous FRANKIE, claiming "Potpourri" being the Funnest Film set he's ever worked on & had the chance to ruin. For more info on what Brandon does check this out ;


Craig Diviney "Executive Producer" - A descendent of the Quad Cities, Craig graduated law school in University of Iowa a great many years ago, and moved to Minneapolis where he eventually became an accomplished lawyer. Always a firm supporter of Diviney Pictures, Craig acts as Executive Producer to most of the films. An addition to financing, Craig also reprises his role as mustached police officer Cornelius Pebblefoot. Often mistaken for a classically-trained actor, most of Craig's performance chops actually come from presenting in front of Juries. Craig currently lives in Switzerland where he works for communications conglomerate Thompson Reutuers. He maintains hope for his children to be successful, although the future doesn't look too bright...

Eric McCulloch "Co Producer" - Eric McCulloch aka "Mac," is another long-time collaborator with Restraining Hollywood. Eric stepped up his game on Potpourri, acting as associate Producer, lining up several locations, including his house which would become the site for an ugly christmas sweater zombie massacre. Even more important, Mac lined up the keg of beer for said party massacre. On top of producing for Potpourri, Mac once again reprises his role as "Stevie Atkins." Mac is also notably the clear winner in an ongoing "prank-war" amongst the cast and crew. Just don't give him your phone number, or I can promise you a day of reckoning you won't live long enough to never forget.

Chris Hadland "Director of Photography" - A graduate of MCTC college in Minneapolis, Chris became involved with the production when he was approached about having his house in Dinkytown used for several different scenes for the set. Originally set to be a part time cameraman with one of the film's 2 7D's, Chris accepted the responsibility of director of photography a mere 2 days before shooting started. Chis brought a variety of cheap, yet effective, camera tricks to the film. These included, but were not limited to: a skateboard dolly, a homemade steadycam, and a Kate-Hudson bounceboard. Chris also fills in as associate producer.

Tom Colvin "Sound" - Tom Colvin was trained as an audio engineer at the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis. Because of this, he no longer sleeps and is never quite satisfied with his work. When he's not on set using his production rig or in his studio, he's probably working a concert, at ShopNBC for a shift, or at Minnehaha Falls dog park. Now the de facto audio engineer for both Diviney Pictures and Restraining Hollywood, Tom operates on set under the alias "Sound Nazi," where he strictly prohibits such activities as gum chewing, coin jingling, or breathing. In Potpourri, he adds yet another line to his resume, playing the character of "Lindsay Kraemer."

Ryan Schaddelee "Special Makeup and FX" - Ryan Schaddelee was born and raised in Michigan, where he honed his creative talent in an effort to become a professional special effects make-up artist. After computer generated imagery killed that dream, he enrolled at Columbia College, Chicago, where he graduated in 1999 with a degree in Film Directing. He then moved to Minneapolis and started work as a freelance director and producer (and occasional special effects artist…) and began making his own films including “Scream Like a Girl”, “Zombie Chomp”, “Manfant”, and the New York International Independent Film Festival multiple award winning “LIKEHELL: The Movie”. More of his short films can be seen at: www.youtube.com/shadillac.

Aaron Pikala "Key Makeup Artist" - Makeup Artist Extroardinaire Aaron Pikala was so hungry for work in Early 2010 that he began contacting directors about doing some film work. Luckily, Diviney Pictures was hiring on a volunteer basis and Aaron was quickly added to the Potpourri family. Having studied under Academy Award Winner Christ Ballas, Aaron brings a healthy experience to set. On Potpourri, he learned the hard way that Crew members are often substituted in for smaller roles on independent films when resources are limited. He went on to play four roles - "Santa Clause," "Party Guy," "Servant," and " DEA Agent," although none were planned ahead of time.

Nial Hopkins "GFX" - Nial Hopkins was given the difficult task of providing visual fx for Potpourri. The main challenges that await him are dancing library books, cracking mirrors, and time travel flashes. Luckily, Nial is an After Effects wizard, and an accomplished filmmaker himself. A graduate of MCTC film school in Minneapolis, Nial is currently heading up his own production, "Chess Dogs." He is a frequent collaborator with Indonesia China productions.

Braden Palmer "Score / Graphic Design" - Braden Palmer, or B.P. as he's known to no one, is a cofounder of Restraining Hollywood Productions and long time collaborator with producer Brandon Van Vliet. While originally working in varied roles and responsibilities, Brady now focuses on music production. His home recording studio led to the eventual creation of his band, Detuned Kytes. Brady samples and layers varied live sounds to create a rich and emotional sound. He writes and records all the material himself. His film credits include "Hunting Buddies," "In Harm's Way," "Night Surf," and "Tales of the Bizarre." Brady is also an accomplished graphic artist, creating and designing various works of art such as movie posters.

Jimmy Keebs "Behind the Scenes Videographer" - Jimmy Keebs aka Jimmy Keebs acts on set as a motivator, confidence builder, and all around good luck charm. When not wielding the behind-the-scenes camera, Keebs can sometimes be seen filling in for a C stand, reading lines for a missing actress, or filling out dialogue on a gigantic cue card. He can, however, always be seen carrying a half-consumed bottle of pepsi, almost as iconic to the legend as the Keith Hernandez mustache and Lisa Loeb glasses. Keebs is himself a filmmaker, directing shorts while attending film school at MCTC. His acting credits include "Trust Me," "In Harm's Way," and a couple of upcoming faux trailers.